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Pig Iron
Pig Iron is the formation of smelting iron ore accessible with a high-carbon fuel, typically with limestone as fluidity. It is provided in an assortment of ingot sizes as well as weights.
Ferro Silicon Manganese
Ferro Silicon Manganese is appropriate to be utilized as a deoxidizer as well as an alloying component in steel. It lessens the solubility of carbon in manganese. One of its forms is also applicable for road construction as well as civil engineering.
Thermo Mechanical Treatment Bar
Thermo Mechanical Treatment Bars are proffered with great tensile strength as well as increased elongation point. These proffer greater ductility to many bars and come with exclusive manufacturing method as well as boosted weld ability.
Ferro Chrome
Ferro Chrome is functional for making Ferro Chrome lignosulfonate and is applicable in various water-based systems for controlling the flow of materials at boosted levels of temperature. It is also applicable in manufacturing stainless steel.
Silico Manganese
Silicon Manganese is noted as a chemical compound created by mixing natural silicon with manganese, a constituent found naturally in the earth. It can be used alone, or can also be combined with other materials to make various alloys.
Ferro Boron
Ferro Boron is a ferroalloy included with iron and boron. The metal includes 17.5% to 20% boron and is applicable to make specialist steels. It is typically added to steel to insure a very robust and highly durable formation.
Ferro Silicon
Ferro Silicon is useful for the production of silicon, corrosion-resistant as well as high-temperature-resistant ferrous silicon amalgams. It can also be employed for inoculation of the iron to quicken graphitization.
Ferro Vanadium
Ferro Vanadium is an alloy made by the combination of iron as well as vanadium with a vanadium content array of 35%-85%. The making of this alloy results in a grimy silver crystalline solid that can be crumpled into powder.
Pure Silicon
Offered Pure silicon is a hard as well as brittle crystal-like solid with a blue-grey metallic sheen. It is also known as a semiconductor as well as tetravalent metalloid.
Scrap Metal
Recycling of Scrap Metals results is so important as they are good good economy as well as environment of any nation. This is beneficial for construction & transportation industry and assists in various projects such as making of roads, bridges, aircraft, automobiles, etc.
Waste Metal (Pig Iron)
Waste Metal (Pig Iron) is used in steel production, finery forges and pudding chambers. It has availability with zero impurities of iron and can re-utilized for the conservation of environment as well as growth of production industry.

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